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Bodybuzz Clients Say…


Answering this seriously doesn’t really fit my personality. Basically I went from a blob to a baddy in less than 5 months. It’s a workout that I can stick to since I can do almost anything for 20 mins twice a week. The convenience is unmatched having a trainer come to my house with my work schedule. I’m more fit, I’m stronger and above all my mental health has vastly improved because of the above.

– Lorraine, San Diego


I’ve been body building for 27 years and believe me I know what strength training is. But with Bodybuzz you get that ultimate workout that usually takes months when you’ve been absent from the gym. Bodybuzz is the most effective way to get back into shape without the struggle at the gym. Thx 🙏 Bodybuzz best workout ever!

– David, Los Angeles

CLINICALLY PROVEN and equally fun

Clinical results of Whole-Body EMS show that EMS helps increases muscle and strength, slow the process of bone loss, and mimics intense exercise while remaining low-impact.

Through our program, you will:

  • Gain strength
  • Lose fat & rev up your metabolism
  • Improve your balance and agility
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Gain confidence in your body & skills
  • Protect your joints
  • Feel safe and supported every step of the way
  • Save time — it only takes 20 minutes twice per week

Real Clients, Life Changing Results…


“I was very weak and my muscles had started to atrophy due to an illness. After only 4 sessions, I’m a lot stronger and getting toned. I’m very happy with this technology and I will continue with the program. This is perfect for my needs and a great way to jumpstart me back to good physical stamina and health.”

– Angela, San Diego


“I have struggled with hip and knee pain for a long time. Traditional workouts usually inflame those areas causing pain and longer recovery. Well, after 8 sessions, I’m a believer. Not only have I seen a physical change in my body, but I also have no more pain in my joints during or after workouts!

– Rebecca, San Diego


“I am 67 years old and was a little nervous at first but [my trainer] put me right at ease. After the session, I felt a runner’s “high” as if doing a multi-hour workout. I slept long and deep the night after the session. I’m glad I moved out of my comfort zone to try something new.

– William, San Diego

EMS Workout


The best part is that our workouts are only 20 minutes long twice a week, but they deliver the same results as several hours in a traditional gym. It is also much safer than other types of exercise since you will not be lifting heavy weights or doing any movements that are hard on your joints. It’s a great solution for anyone regardless of age or current physical condition. Workouts are customized to meet your specific needs and goals, and are especially helpful for those that don’t have a lot of free time but still want great results.

The Bodybuzz Difference

Our trainers come to your home, provide you with a sanitized EMS suit to wear, and utilize our medical-grade FDA-cleared technology to help you train safely.

  • Concierge training experience in the comfort of your own home
  • FDA-Cleared EMS Suit & all equipment provided by your trainer
  • Save time and frustration with 20-min workouts

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