the BREAKTHROUGH fitness Technology used by celebrities, Models & athletes

Available in San Diego , Orange County, Newport Beach, and Los Angeles


“This blows away HIIT, cardio, or strength training”

100x more muscle activation

100x more muscle activation

Using Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation and our proprietary SuperSuit™, our programs stimulate your muscles up to dozens of times per second.

Low Impact Workout

Low impact workouts are safer and easier on the body and joints.

6x more time efficient

6x more time

Get the results of spending hours in the gym in just 20 minutes! EMS workouts are considered 6x more effective than traditional exercise.

Anyone Can do It

Suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced athlete. Anyone from age 18-80 can safely enjoy the benefits of Bodybuzz.

lose weight during & after

lose weight during & after

Bodybuzz activates the EPOC effect, so you burn calories during your session and continue burning calories for 48 hours afterwards.

REduces Pain

By correcting muscle imbalances that cause back pain, knee pain and joint pain.

Additional benefits of the Bodybuzz Fitness program: 1:1 Personal Training / Safe / Low impact / Increases bone density / Boosts metabolism / Increases energy / Get excited about working out again / Enjoy fitness / Feel good in your body / See results fast / Don’t waste

Do you feel like you’ve tried every fitness program out there?

It’s frustrating to work so hard at something and not see results, right?

We know the feeling.

  • You feel like you’re wasting your time and money
  • You’ve plateaued on your fitness goals and you just want to get over the hump
  • You wonder just how hard you need to work to get the body or results you want

We believe you should be rewarded for all your hard work. And with a little help from science–something called “EMS”–you can get the results you desire.

Ready to level up with Bodybuzz?


“after eight sessions i’m a believer. i’m addicted and can’t wait to get my next workout with bodybuzz.”

– Rebecca L.

“i’m sore in places i haven’t felt for years. i’m down 7% bodyfat in the first 30 days and i feel great!”

– Mario M.

It’s not magic, it’s science. 

We know what you’re thinking…this sounds too good to be true.

Let’s break down exactly how Bodybuzz can bring you these science-backed results. 

In a traditional workout, you can only contract the muscle one time per rep. When using the Bodybuzz technology and SuperSuit™, a single rep can yield dozens of contractions, meaning you’re getting a way better workout. How is this possible? In a Bodybuzz workout, we start by putting you in our SuperSuit™. The suit contains electrodes that gently and safely stimulate your muscles as you exercise. Your Bodybuzz trainer customizes a program to focus on your specific fitness goals, whether that’s building muscle, toning, weight loss, or endurance.

100% Safe & FDA Cleared

After rigorous safety testing by the FDA, Whole Body EMS has been FDA cleared as a safe fitness protocol. You can trust that this is a safe fitness solution for you.

How it feels

During an EMS workout, you will not feel any pain from the electrical stimulation. It should feel like a tingling vibration throughout your body. Until two days later, when you’re sore…the good kind of sore :).

Why would celebrities and elite athletes turn to EMS when they have every possible fitness program available at their disposal? Because this really works. Fast!

Bodybuzz Suit
FDA Cleared

bodybuzz is A workout like you’ve never experienced before.

  • Proprietary Bodybuzz SuperSuit™ complete with electrodes that stimulates dozens of muscles simultaneously
  • Engage all 10 major muscle groups in a single 20 minute workout
  • Contract your muscles several times a second, this is impossible to do without the use of the SuperSuit™
  • One-on-one training
  • Personal Trainer comes to you
  • Built around your schedule
  • Fitness on your time
  • Open to all fitness levels
  • No heavy weights necessary
  • COVID-Safe Workout 

New clients get first session for $50-$60

    but don’t take it from us

    Here are real results from our clients after just 4 weeks of Personal Training with Bodybuzz (only 2.5hrs of training total)

    4.8% Body Fat Reduction in One Month
    4.8% Body Fat Reduction in One Month
    4.8% Body Fat Reduction in One Month
    Lost 13.3lbs of Fat Mass in One Month
    Lost 13.3lbs of Fat Mass in One Month
    Lost 13.3lbs of Fat Mass in One Month
    Lost 19" in One Month
    Lost 19″ in One Month
    Lost 19" in One Month

    serving San Diego, Orange County, Newport Beach, and LOS ANGELES


    From a team of CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERS you can trust

    When the team at Bodybuzz discovered Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation, we knew we had to be on the forefront of bringing this technology to the US. We have over 40 years of personal training experience collectively, and our Master Trainers have never seen a fitness technology this effective. Now, we are among a select few fitness professionals in the nation to have completed a rigorous certification process and hold the Whole Body Electrical Muscle (WB-EMS) Certification. We are ready to deliver this exciting technology to you in the safest and most effective way possible.

    Highly Qualified Trainers

    Here are the certifications that our Bodybuzz Master Trainers hold:

    National Academy of Sports medical
    National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
    PTA Global
    One of the first companies to introduce this technology to the U.S.

    And we’re not only experts, we like to have fun! Guaranteed good time with Bodybuzz!

    One of the first companies to introduce this technology to the U.S.

    At Bodybuzz, we believe that exercise and a healthy lifestyle can transform your life. We care about giving you back your time and confidence, while helping you achieve real and lasting results. Our Bodybuzz Master Trainers will leverage this groundbreaking EMS technology, the SuperSuit™, and their expertise to deliver you a workout like you’ve never experienced before. We know you’re busy. We know you want to finally see real results. We know you want a trainer who is committed to your fitness goals. Which is why we know the Bodybuzz program will be life-changing for you.

    Any Questions?

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