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    Workouts are 20 minutes long and equate to almost 2 hours of resistance training. Sessions are slotted in 45 minute increments to allow time to suit up, suit down and provide a non-rushed experience. 

    With our EMS Workout you get a total body workout in 20 minutes. This is only made possible by using the EMS suit. The suit simultaneously provides Electrical Muscle Stimulation to all major muscle groups.  The stimulation is completely customizable per muscle group and per person. The workout is as intense as desired while remaining low-impact, safe, and effective.

    No! We always stay under the pain threshold. It should feel challenging but not painful, if it feels uncomfortable we reduce it.

    Most of our members report seeing differences in the mirror in just one month! We’ve had clients show positive body composition changes within 5 sessions.

    No, you do not have to purchase the suit! We offer a variety of suit sizes to fit every body and you will receive a set of base layers in your size with the purchase of your Bodybuzz membership.

    Yes, we do! We have a studio in Newport Beach, CA. Visit us.

    We currently serve San Diego, Newport Beach, and the West Side of Los Angeles. We are expanding into additional cities just as fast as we can hire and certify elite-level personal trainers. If you are a personal trainer interested in joining the team we’d love to talk with you!

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    CLINICALLY PROVEN and equally fun

    Clinical results of Whole-Body EMS show that EMS helps increases muscle and strength, slow the process of bone loss, and mimics intense exercise while remaining low-impact.

    Through our program, you will:

    • Gain strength
    • Lose fat & rev up your metabolism
    • Improve your balance and agility
    • Increase your flexibility
    • Gain confidence in your body & skills
    • Protect your joints
    • Feel safe and supported every step of the way
    • Save time — it only takes 20 minutes twice per week
    EMS Workout


    The best part is that our workouts are only 20 minutes long twice a week, but they deliver the same results as several hours in a traditional gym. It is also much safer than other types of exercise since you will not be lifting heavy weights or doing any movements that are hard on your joints. It’s a great solution for anyone regardless of age or current physical condition. Workouts are customized to meet your specific needs and goals, and are especially helpful for those that don’t have a lot of free time but still want great results.

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