hours of working out in just 20 minutes

Private EMS Personal Training to feel your best, fast

What You Can Expect

  • Private EMS Workout by a Certified EMS Trainer
  • Sanitized EMS Suit and Undergarments brought to you
  • Your trainer will bring all equipment needed – stress balls, light weights, resistance bands, etc.
  • Our trainer goes to you and you’ll be guided through our 20 minute EMS Workout
  • Low-impact exercises that give you results equivalent to hours in the gym
  • More time for you – with our EMS workouts, you only need 20 minutes twice a week to fulfill your health goals

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Sessions are completely customized to your goals and needs

Our programs follow evidence-based strength and conditioning principles as well as WB-EMS best practices. We track the number of sessions you have completed in order to progress your baseline level of stimulation over time.

Solo sessions

1 : 1 sessions

An add-on is available if you occasionally want to invite another person to train with you!

Duo sessions

1 : 2 sessions

Train with your partner/friend/colleague at the same time with our semi-private personal training!

Personal Training with EMS

If you have pain, lack of stamina, injuries, or want to gain your strength, Bodybuzz EMS Workouts wants to help you feel great in your body and build your strength. No matter what your age or ability, personal training doesn’t have to be a grueling process, and it can help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Read on to discover more about our personal training services in Los Angeles and nearby areas.

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Fitness Training

Bodybuzz offers electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts, which many people are using to help them with their health journeys. This type of technology and training allows you to maximize your workout time with a range of benefits.

We help you safely utilize EMS in your fitness training, and we shape your program based on your goals, abilities, and other personal factors.

Benefits of EMS Training

Some benefits of EMS training that studies have suggested include:

  • Strengthening Muscles
  • Can reduce pressure sores
  • Improving injury recovery time
  • Maintains muscle mass
  • Balances fluid distribution
  • Usefulness for those with disorders like arthritis
  • Better sport or exercise performance
  • Improves heart health
  • Can relieve muscle cramps
  • Lessens the chance of blood clots
  • Good for healing tissue
  • Helps you retrain your muscles
  • Helps with weight management
  • Expands your range of motion
  • Betters your aerobic capacity
  • Allows you to improve your muscle tone

These many benefits show that most people can embrace this technology and integrate it into their healthy living routines. We’ll help you use EMS to your advantage in your training program.

Personal Training with Bodybuzz

Improving your health can be a huge challenge when you do it on your own. That’s where our personal training can help. We offer customizable personal training programs because we know that each individual will have unique needs, challenges, and goals. We want to help you reach those goals and be as healthy as possible.

Our trainers work with all kinds of clients. We understand that people with injuries, weaknesses, or limitations will need compassionate and professional attention that acknowledges any challenges.

Our services offer at-home training so that you don’t have to leave your home to improve your body and get stronger. We want you to feel great about what your body can do, and we want to empower you to do more with your body, no matter where you’re starting. At Bodybuzz EMS Workouts, we pair you with a trainer fully equipped to meet your needs.

What is electro muscle stimulation training?

One of the most common problems that people have is finding time to work out. With busy schedules, including family and work requirements, even if you’re motivated to get exercise in, the thought of putting hours upon hours to reach your goals can be overwhelming. It can be especially hard to manage movement when you have an injury or chronic illness that may make it hard to do certain activities. Don’t worry; there’s a better way!

Electro muscle stimulation training is a great solution for people who want to maximize their workouts and make sure they get the most out of their training. This is a method that anyone from casual movers to professional athletes can use to boost their performance.

EMS sends electrical impulses through your body. These impulses are low-frequency, but they cause your muscles to contract. This contraction helps you build your muscles in a fraction of the time. With EMS training, you only have to spend 20 minutes in a session twice a week to get the results that would normally take hours!

How quickly do you see results with EMS training?

You only have to invest about 20 minutes twice a week to see results. Not only are EMS workouts low-intensity, but they have fast results. Many clients start to feel improvements after just a few sessions. Most clients report having more confidence, energy, and sleeping better.

Mental changes can occur even after one session because training is associated with feel-good chemicals being released in your body and general mood-boosting properties.

What are the advantages of having a personal trainer?

When you have a personal trainer, you benefit from many benefits. Here are some of the main benefits you will experience.

Trainers can:

  • Educate you on how your body works and what it needs to be healthy
  • Create a realistic and useful training plan based on your needs
  • Correct your form to prevent injury and promote efficiency
  • Help you make healthy nutritional choices or link you to nutritional professionals
  • Empower you to set and reach goals
  • Pay attention to your mental wellness as you train and how mental health impacts physical health
  • Work with your schedule

Need Personal Training in Los Angeles, CA?

If you need EMS training in Los Angeles, Bodybuzz EMS Workouts trainers will be happy to help you. We love to empower people with all types of challenges to get involved in fitness and improve their bodies. No matter where you are right now on your journey, we want to be there for you. Contact us today, and we can set you up with a personal trainer that fits your needs.