When we first heard about this thing called Whole-Body EMS, we were incredibly skeptical. After decades in the fitness industry, we’ve come across lots of products and technologies that have made wild promises. They almost always fail to live up to the hype. But the claims and results we were reading about with EMS were coming from some sources we trusted. And there appeared to be legitimate scientific research and data to support them. We discovered that there were thousands of EMS studios around the world including in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. How was it possible that we had never heard of this?

The year was 2019 and almost nobody in the US had heard of EMS fitness. Originally developed in Germany it had spread like fire throughout Europe and then beyond. However, in the US the equipment for EMS was classified as a Class-2 medical device and therefor needed to be tested and cleared by the FDA before it could be used here. We learned that a couple of equipment manufacturers had already completed that process and we located someone with equipment here in California. So, Jeff headed up north and had a 12-minute EMS workout.

“I thought it was a joke. They put me in this strange suit and had me doing super simple movements with little to no weight. I’d been training twice a week with my personal trainer (Hector) and another one or two times a week on my own. I was used to lifting heavy weights. But in my EMS session I was given three-pound rubber coated dumbbells. I know it sounds silly, but they actually felt heavy. Anyway, the workout flew by and I didn’t really feel like I had done much. I mean it was only 12 minutes! The EMS guy told me that it was because the suit was actually doing most of the work on my behalf. Yeah, right! On the way back to San Diego I called my wife to tell her that I thought the whole thing was a waste of time. The workout was too short, too simple, and I barely broke a sweat. I thought that would be the end of the story. Until two days later when I was sore everywhere, including places I hadn’t felt sore maybe ever. I’m talking about that great kind of soreness you get a couple of days after a super intense weightlifting session. Except I hadn’t done anything intense. I’d barely done anything at all.”

The following day Jeff arrived for a personal training session with Hector but told him he didn’t think he could work out because he was so sore. He told Hector about this new technology and his workout a few days earlier. Hector wasn’t buying it but after some convincing he agreed to make the trip himself and see what this was all about. “I had almost the identical experience as Jeff. They had me wear this wild suit and using these ridiculously light weights. The routine was super basic like something I’d give to a beginner. I felt that the workout was just too short and too simple to really be effective. I basically thought it was a gimmick and that I’d been “punked”. But three days later I dropped something in the kitchen and struggled to get down to pick it up because I was sore all over! That’s when I knew we had stumbled onto something extraordinary. I called Jeff and told him that this was going to change everything in the world of fitness, and we needed to start a company.”

And that’s how Bodybuzz came to be.