What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Workouts


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a remarkable, scientifically proven, FDA-cleared method of fitness training that delivers rapid results, while preventing undue stress on your joints and ligaments. Research has shown that EMS Workouts are more effective than conventional weight training, while enhancing muscle tone and performance in only 20 minutes twice a week.

The benefits of whole-body EMS Workouts are striking. Studies have shown Electrical Muscle Stimulation workouts to increase strength, endurance and agility in users, while decreasing back pain, body tension and depression.

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CLINICALLY PROVEN and equally fun

Clinical results of Whole-Body EMS show that EMS helps increases muscle and strength, slow the process of bone loss, and mimics intense exercise while remaining low-impact.

Through our program, you will:

  • Gain strength
  • Lose fat & rev up your metabolism
  • Improve your balance and agility
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Gain confidence in your body & skills
  • Protect your joints
  • Feel safe and supported every step of the way
  • Save time — it only takes 20 minutes twice per week

SAFE & FDA-CLEARED technology you can trust

EMS technology is FDA-Cleared and safe to use under the supervision of a Certified EMS Trainer.

  • The EMS Suit never comes into contact with your skin.
  • All equipment is sanitized after each client.
  • Trainers are experienced working with all ages–from young-adults to seniors.
  • Safety is our #1 priority, and we pride ourselves on our 100% safety record.

The True Full-Body Workout

The result is a series of muscle contraction throughout all ten major muscle groups and a large number of individual muscles. In just 20-minutes you get a full-body workout that engages >90% of the major muscle fibers in your body.

In just 20 minutes, whole-body EMS Workouts also allow for the training of compound movements such as golf or baseball swings, jumping, sprinting, dribbling, or everyday functional exercises.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the contraction of muscles through the use of electrical impulses. By stimulating your muscles to contract, the muscles respond as if you were lifting weights, thereby building muscle, burning calories, and increasing strength. During a session you will wear a suit with built-in electrodes over your major muscle groups and then be connected to a device that produces the stimulation.

The electrical muscle stimulation suit will stimulate muscles that often are left neglected, even during the most vigorous of workouts, to ensure that you are getting a total body workout. A regular exercise session, even one that constantly changes exercise types to attack different muscle groups, cannot match something as precisely targeted as EMS workouts. If you’re looking to achieve results beyond your wildest dreams, it’s time to give electrical muscle stimulation workouts a try.

EMS in its early stages was used to rehabilitate muscles after an injury or surgery. In the 1960s, EMS was often used to prevent skeletal muscle atrophy. With advances in EMS technology, its use became increasingly popular for treating patients who sustained central nervous system impairment secondary to brain injury.

Europeans have been using electrical muscle stimulation to train elite athletes since the 1970s. In the 1980s, researchers developed units with an improved ability to modulate a variety of electrical waveforms. It is also commonly used to strengthen the extremities of patients who have had orthopedic surgery. With further technical developments, EMS progressed from a local (single muscle) stimulation to Whole-Body EMS (WB-EMS) where multiple muscle groups are stimulated simultaneously through an electrode-lined bodysuit. This advanced WB-EMS system allows for more comfort, ease of use, and faster results in rehabilitating patients with musculoskeletal diseases as well as improving body composition and muscle function in otherwise healthy people.

EMS Workouts gained widespread acceptance among the general public in Europe in the early 2000’s. Soon, professional sports teams like Real Madrid followed, and Whole-Body EMS Workouts became a staple training method for pro soccer players. Usain Bolt famously incorporated Whole-Body EMS Workouts into his training regimen ahead of setting multiple world records at the 2008 Olympic Games. Around 2010, Whole-Body EMS Fitness went mainstream in Europe where there are currently more than 5,000 EMS studios utilizing the technology. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cleared our EMS training equipment for use in non-medical exercise settings here in the U.S. Because EMS Fitness is so efficient and effective, it is loved by countless athletes (Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Mike Tyson, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Jose Maria Olazabal), celebrities (Madonna, Tom Holland, Oscar Isaac), and models (Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Ashley Graham, Diana Moric, Elsa Hosk, Lindsay Ellingson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Romee Strijd).

EMS can stand for Electro Muscle Stimulation, Electromyostimulation, Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Electric Muscle Stimulation, ESTIM, and more. Read more on our blog about this topic.

Medical studies have shown users to gain lean muscle mass, improve physique and even increase bone density. Full-Body EMS Workouts are also known to strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce postpartum incontinence in women.