hours of working out in just 20 minutes

Private EMS Personal Training to feel your best, fast

What You Can Expect

  • Private EMS Workout by a Certified EMS Trainer
  • Sanitized EMS Suit and Undergarments brought to you
  • Your trainer will bring all equipment needed – stress balls, light weights, resistance bands, etc.
  • Our trainer goes to you and you’ll be guided through our 20 minute EMS Workout
  • Low-impact exercises that give you results equivalent to hours in the gym
  • More time for you – with our EMS workouts, you only need 20 minutes twice a week to fulfill your health goals

Wondering if a Bodybuzz personal trainer services your area? See the map below for the areas we service in San Diego County:

    Sessions are completely customized to your goals and needs

    Our programs follow evidence-based strength and conditioning principles as well as WB-EMS best practices. We track the number of sessions you have completed in order to progress your baseline level of stimulation over time.

    Solo sessions

    1 : 1 sessions

    An add-on is available if you occasionally want to invite another person to train with you!

    Duo sessions

    1 : 2 sessions

    Train with your partner/friend/colleague at the same time with our semi-private personal training!

    Keen to bring the EMS workout to your office?

    Our mobile service can come to you. Contact us at info@bodybuzzfit.com for more information on our corporate wellness offerings.

    In-Home EMS Personal Training Details

    We bring the workout to you! Enjoy EMS Personal Training in the privacy of your home with a certified Bodybuzz personal trainer in San Diego. You have the option to train alone (SOLO) or with a workout partner (DUO). Whether you’re looking to get stronger, leaner, firmer, improve endurance or athletic performance, recover from an injury, or just get back into a fitness routine, Bodybuzz offers the safe, low-impact solution to help get you there quickly.

    We have a team of personal trainers serving all of San Diego County from Carlsbad to downtown San Diego and from the Pacific Ocean to East County. With an abundant access to mobile personal trainers in San Diego, we are ready to provide a quality Bodybuzz EMS workout wherever you are throughout the day. How is that possible?

    Our teams in each location are mobile, bringing your EMS to you, whether it is in your home, office, or on the beach. With our locations highlighted along the Pacific Coast, you can enjoy the amazing weather and be outdoors while getting a whole body workout, thanks to our mobile EMS specialists. No more excuses that your schedule will not let you get to the gym, since we bring the gym to you!

    Every EMS workout is 20 minutes long, and our certified experts help you target specific areas of your body to achieve your fitness goals. Thanks to our whole body workout, all muscle groups are triggered to contract simultaneously using a unique muscle stimulating suit. When over 90% of your muscle fibers are contracting, including deep tissue muscles, you are sure to feel it the next day. Those deep tissue muscles might not be stimulated by traditional workouts, but EMS personal training workouts get more muscles contracting in a shorter period of time. It is a safe and low impact workout, making it an appealing option for people of all ages, from 18 to 80.

    These workouts are designed to achieve optimal conditioning, develop strength, jump start your metabolism, and so much more, while increasing blood flow throughout your body. Plus, our workouts are just 20 minutes, so we can easily fit into your schedule throughout the week. No more having to schedule an hour and half to drive to the gym, workout, and drive back home or to the office. Now you can enjoy your workout anywhere and in less time than it takes get lunch. These customized workouts are critical for those who might not have a lot of free time but still want to enjoy the benefits of a quality fitness routine.

    Schedule your first EMS personal training workout today with any of our locations throughout the San Diego area. We provide a private EMS training session and an initial consultation, allowing us to customize your workout to meet your specific goals. Call to match with your Bodybuzz EMS Personal Trainer in San Diego!