Biohacking with EMS

Biohacking Your Workout: How WB-EMS Gets You Fit Faster

Are you part of a crazy WhatsApp group where members share a ton of conspiracy theories? 

Me too! Except what’s mostly discussed in mine are ways to “biohack”! 

What is biohacking? 

It’s like tinkering with your body to unlock hidden features and optimize its performance. Biohacking is like giving your body a mini-upgrade. It’s about using tools and techniques to improve your health and performance. Imagine it like tweaking your phone’s settings to get better battery life. Here are some examples:

Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails:  Cold plunges use icy water to jumpstart your circulation and maybe even boost your mood.

Hot in Herre: Infrared saunas use light to heat your body from the inside out, potentially helping with muscle recovery and relaxation.

Tap Tap, Tap in!  Nootropics are supplements that claim to enhance focus and cognitive function, although the science is still catching up.

(Did you get all the musical references?) 

What is WB-EMS?

WB-EMS uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions directly. This can increase muscle strength, improve endurance, and improve recovery time. 

Another neat thing about WB-EMS is that it will stimulate type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers simultaneously, so you’re getting stronger from the first day you put an EMS suit on. Here’s a blog explaining this mechanism. 

Biohacking with WB-EMS

Biohacking is about using science and technology to enhance your body’s capabilities. WB-EMS does this perfectly by:

Optimizing Workouts: WB-EMS allows for targeted muscle engagement, leading to more efficient workouts in less time. We also mentioned how it engages both strength and endurance muscle types simultaneously. 

Boosting Recovery: Studies suggest WB-EMS can reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery after exercise. The stimulation can also help reduce muscle pains and aches.This is why the technology originated in physical therapy settings.

Convenience: WB-EMS sessions are shorter than traditional workouts, making them ideal for busy schedules. There is no better gift than time, so being able to cut your workouts in half while still reaping all the benefits makes WB-EMS unique.

WB-EMS is not a magic bullet, however. It should complement a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Read more about WB-EMS and weight loss here.

If you want to learn more about EMS, book a free consultation with me here: You can also make an appointment to book an intro session at our Newport Beach studio.


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