Personal training for seniors

Personal Training for Seniors

At Bodybuzz, we focus on electrical muscle stimulation fitness. We have the knowledge, expertise, and a cohesive training method developed in-house that is evidence-based, and built on the foundation of strength training principles. That said, we also offer conventional personal training as an option. 

There are certain contraindications to using electrical muscle stimulation. If you’re pregnant, have severe kidney disease, have a pacemaker, currently undergoing cancer treatment, or have a serious neurological disorder you are not allowed to use EMS. You can however, and in many cases should, still exercise which is why we also offer conventional personal training. 

All of our trainers are equipped with resistance bands, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, some dumbbells, and other cool accessories such as Smovey Rings. All of our EMS coaches have been personal trainers for more than 10 years and have accumulated plenty of certifications and continuing education courses. 

One specialty we all share is personal training for seniors. As we age we all go through many metabolic changes. As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a regular exercise routine to keep our bodies and minds healthy. However, with age comes a different set of physical limitations and considerations, and it’s important to choose an exercise program that is safe and effective. Personal training for seniors is a great solution.

In addition to being effective, personal training can also be a fun and social experience. Personal trainers provide a supportive environment and help to keep you motivated and on track. This can be particularly helpful for seniors who may be less likely to exercise on their own.

The science:

We all possess different types of muscle fibers responsible for different activities. We have muscle fibers that help with power movements, strength, and endurance. 

Muscle fiber types:

  • Power movements: These are muscle fibers you use when throwing a ball while playing fetch with your dog, swinging a golf club, catching yourself if you fall, or sprinting behind your grandkids. 
  • Strength: You mostly use strength muscle fibers when standing up from a chair, getting out of bed, carrying heavy groceries, and so on. Strength is also a big component of balance. 
  • Endurance: These muscle fibers help with maintaining good posture, going for long walks or bike rides, and most daily activities. 

The bad news: You lose what you don’t use

In seniors, we see a big loss of power muscle fibers. Unless you’re purposefully training for power, or playing sports such as tennis or pickleball, you’re very likely to lose the ability to use these muscle fibers, and use them efficiently. If you’re golfing every weekend and hitting long drives, you will maintain many of those power muscle fibers, however, only the ones specific to that movement, and in that direction

Strength muscle fibers are the next ones in line to atrophy if you’re not actively training or performing activities that require lifting and carrying heavy things. I used to coach seniors with diabetes, and many went for long walks on a daily basis. However, these seniors were missing a key aspect of health: strength training. Strength training helps with body composition and balance. For people with diabetes, it can increase sensitivity to insulin. This means that eventually, you may be able to reduce your dose, and in some specific cases eliminate it entirely. 

Finally, endurance muscle fibers are the ones that tend to prevail since they’re involved in most daily activities. 

The good news: You gain what you train

Electrical muscle stimulation fitness for seniors is an ideal option to train for power, strength, and endurance. The electrodes in our EMS suit stimulate all of the muscle fibers regardless of what exercise you do, which is why it’s referred to as the SuperSuit. This is a benefit that particularly helps seniors because EMS fitness remains low-impact, joint-friendly, yet highly effective at improving strength and power.

Personal training for seniors is also very effective. Activities such as boxing or throwing a medicine ball are a lot more fun and effective when done with a trainer. Another effective tool for improving power is training with kettlebells which requires technique to do safely and properly.

Strength training is the new brushing your teeth. Everybody needs strength. Seniors, however, need it the most to prevent falls or to be able to better recover from one. Fear of falling is prevalent among seniors, especially if there is a history of falling. You can’t prevent every accidental falls, but being strong, and having good balance and coordination will reduce the risk, and improve the chances of recovery if anything happens.

The best news: With EMS, train for power in less than an hour

We can combine electrical muscle stimulation fitness with power exercises such as kettlebell swings, high-pulls, or boxing to the get most out of your session. As a bonus, the session will only be 20 minutes long, will keep your joints safe, and get you results faster than any other modality.

EMS personal training for seniors is a customized exercise program tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your balance, increase your strength, or simply maintain your overall health, our personal trainers can help you achieve your goals. They can design a workout plan that takes into account any physical limitations and work with you to gradually increase the intensity as you progress.

If you are interested in learning if EMS fitness would be a good option for you, click here to get started.


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