Why strength training in your 40’s should be like brushing your teeth – and how EMS can be your toothpaste

This blog is going to be a bit more personal than others because I’m turning forty this October. I like oatmilk draft latte’s from La Colombe in case you were wondering what to get me 😉

Personal aches and pains:

As I navigate my midlife crisis, I wanted to share with you how aging has affected my joints and how resistance training, and especially doing EMS workouts has helped me:

  • My left knee is chronically tweaky, my right knee tends to swell up after long runs. 
  • My lower back is stiff when I get out of bed every morning.
  • I have had a chronic neck injury that requires frequent chiropractic adjustments in addition to corrective exercises that I don’t always remember to do.
  • My hips are misaligned which makes the muscles on my right side chronically tight.

Benefits from resistance training:

I have been doing resistance training for the past 12 years and EMS fitness for the last 5. Here are the benefits I’ve seen: 

  • I’m able to keep up with my younger brother on 3 to 5-mile runs even though he’s a runner and I’m not.
  • I’m still able to compete with guys 10-15 years younger than me playing pick-up basketball.
  • Ability to train my chest/shoulders as intensely as I can handle without worsening my neck injury (this is not possible with traditional weight lifting).
  • I’m able to fit in a workout on busy days where traditional workouts wouldn’t be possible. 
  • EMS helps reduce my knee and lower back pain via the Bodybuzz Pain Relief program.

Aesthetic flex:

All my childhood friends are turning 40 this year, so naturally we got together in Ibiza to party like we did in our 20’s. It was a blast! 

All of my friends do some type of exercise (run, pilates, swim, tennis), however only one of them lifts weights. It was very obvious to me who does resistance training and who doesn’t. Remember EMS fitness is resistance training. My non-lifting friends are getting pudgier every year despite all my unsolicited advice to do EMS or lift weights.

Enough about me and my friends. Let’s talk about how resistance training, and EMS in particular, can benefit you!

If you’re still in your 20’s or 30’s, you can refer to our previous blog about training in your 30’s here. Your 40s are a time to embrace a new kind of strength, one that goes beyond the gym and fuels a life brimming with vitality.

Here’s where resistance training steps in as your best friend, not just for aesthetics, but for a healthier, pain-free you.

Why resistance training is your 40’s BFF:

  • Strength is the New Fountain of Youth: Sure, sculpted abs are great, especially if you’re going to Ibiza, but the real magic of resistance training lies in building strong, supportive muscles. This translates to better balance, improved posture, and a reduction in those pesky aches and pains that often creep in with age.
  • Strong bones, strong you: Bone density naturally declines after 40, increasing your risk of fractures. Resistance training is a powerful countermeasure, stimulating bone growth and keeping your skeleton strong for years to come.
  • A smarter way to manage chronic conditions: Resistance training isn’t only about aesthetics; it’s a potent tool for managing chronic conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Stronger muscles improve blood sugar control and reduce inflammation, helping you take charge of your health.

EMS fitness, short, intense, yet low impact:

Traditional weight training is fantastic, but let’s face it, your 40’s are often busy. 

  • Pain relief partner: EMS uses gentle electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. Studies suggest this can alleviate pain by modulating pain signals and promoting endorphin release, similar to traditional exercise, but without the heavy lifting. 
  • The low-impact advantage: Joint pain or injuries shouldn’t sideline you. EMS workouts are a low-impact exercise, allowing you to strengthen muscles without stressing your joints. It’s perfect for getting back on track or starting a new fitness journey.
  • Targeted power: EMS fitness allows you to focus on specific muscle groups that might be contributing to your pain or weakness. This targeted approach can significantly improve function and address problem areas efficiently.

Embrace your 40’s, embrace strength:

Your 40’s are a time to redefine what strength means. It’s about self-acceptance, prioritizing well-being, and building a strong foundation for a vibrant future. Resistance training and EMS fitness are powerful tools in your arsenal, helping you manage pain, move with ease, and feel confident in your own skin. 

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