HIIT Workouts

HIIT Workouts

Most people want to be in better shape. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle is often busy and leaves little time to spend at the gym. To promote fitness in less time, high-intensity interval training methods have been growing in popularity. These workouts commonly last only thirty minutes, making it easy for even those with a busy schedule to complete. Within that time, users experience a mix of both aerobic and strength resistance training.

What are HIIT workouts like?

HIIT workouts are incredibly vigorous. They often incorporate several rounds of high-intensity movements to get the heart rate to at least 80% of one’s maximum heart rate. The high-intensity portions are followed by short periods of lower-intensity movements. HIIT workouts are popular because they are fast and effective, allowing individuals to get back to their other tasks.

A typical HIIT workout might include the following high-intensity activities:

  • Running in place or on a treadmill
  • Stair machine
  • Riding a stationary bicycle
  • Jumping rope
  • Cycle sprints

Less-intense activities break up these periods, or it may be the same activity at a slower pace. An individual’s body weight can be used as a form of resistance, which means that additional equipment isn’t needed for a HIIT workout. They can be incorporated into various other fitness activities, such as running (either outside or on a treadmill), dancing, rowing, bicycling, or aerobics. They are also ideal for a home workout.

How effective are HIIT workouts?

Olympic athletes have used HIIT workouts to help individuals reach peak performance. In addition, HIIT workouts can help decrease body fat, increase strength and endurance, and improve health outcomes. HIIT workouts are also likely to produce fast results in a short period of time. These workouts have also grown in popularity with the bodybuilding community.

While results may vary for different participants, one can often see results of HIIT workouts within a few weeks. And the best feature of HIIT workouts is that they can be effectively completed in as little as 20-30 minutes.

Some individuals have combined HIIT workouts with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to enhance their results further. EMS uses electrical impulses to contract muscles and stimulate motor neurons. This action creates involuntary contractions. When EMS is added to a HIIT training regiment, it is 20% more effective than HIIT training alone. This combination packs a powerful punch and allows individuals to achieve their fitness goals with the smallest time commitment possible.

Are HIIT workouts right for me?

Because HIIT workouts can be incorporated into a wide variety of existing workouts, they are safe for the vast majority of people. However, individuals with the following medical conditions should avoid HIIT workouts.

  • Heart problems, such as arrhythmia
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Retinopathy
  • Those recovering from injury
  • The elderly

Additionally, anyone with a health condition monitored by a physician should consult with their physician before attempting HIIT workouts to ensure it is safe for them.

What is the best way to start HIIT workouts?

HIIT workouts are so popular because they are easy to complete in almost any setting – including your own home. But as everyone who has ever bought exercise equipment for their home knows, it’s easy to lose motivation when you aren’t held accountable. For that reason, many people attend HIIT workouts at a gym, which also has the drawback of having to travel and pay additional costs – both of which are reasons people cite for not spending more time on fitness.

But there is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds; mobile EMS workouts can be combined with HIIT workouts. Of course, these mobile workouts can still be done from the comfort of one’s home. But they have the added benefit of having a mobile personal trainer who can hold you accountable and keep you motivated. There are many benefits with mobile HIIT and EMS workouts, such as:

  • They are convenient and can be done from anywhere without traveling.
  • They are often less expensive than a fitness trainer and gym membership.
  • You can keep your motivation and confidence levels high, leading to a greater commitment to fitness.
  • You have the privacy that you cannot find in a gym.
  • You can get personalized workouts that target the regions you want to work on.

Mobile EMS workouts are incredibly effective, as are HIIT workouts. When combining these fitness methods, users can quickly expect great results. These convenient workout sessions are unparalleled in their ability to maximize the time you spend on fitness while still achieving goals.