Locations – San Diego

Bodybuzz EMS offers a full range of services, including mobile EMS. Our team of certified professionals are available at any time, no matter what your schedule looks like. Whether you need a quick workout before heading out the door, or you’re looking for something more intense, we’ve got you covered. Our mobile EMS allows you to exercise anywhere, anytime, and in less time than going to the gym. You’ll also receive a personalized workout tailored specifically to your needs.

San Diego and its surrounding areas, we give you easy access to certified mobile EMS personal trainers. We are ready to provide a quality Bodybuzz EMS workout wherever you are throughout the day. How are we able to come to your San Diego location of choice? Our EMS specialists in each location are mobile, bringing your EMS to you, whether it is in your home, office, or on the beach. With our locations highlighted along the Pacific Coast, you can enjoy the amazing weather and be outdoors while getting a whole body workout. We bring the gym to you!

Every EMS workout is 20 minutes long, and our certified experts help you target specific areas of your body to achieve your fitness goals. Thanks to our whole body workout, all muscle groups are triggered to contract simultaneously using a unique muscle stimulating suit. When over 90% of your muscle fibers are contracting, including deep tissue muscles, you are sure to feel it the next day. Those deep tissue muscles might not be stimulated by traditional workouts, but EMS workouts get more muscles contracting in a shorter period of time. It is a safe and low impact workout, making it an appealing option for people of all ages, from 18 to 80.

Schedule your first EMS workout today with any of our locations throughout the San Diego area. We provide a private EMS training session and an initial consultation, allowing us to customize your workout to meet your specific goals.