Postpartum workouts

Postpartum Workout: EMS for gentle & efficient recovery

Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn! As you adjust to parenthood, getting back into shape might be on your mind. This is where EMS fitness enters the conversation.

What is EMS fitness?

EMS fitness uses electrical currents to stimulate muscle contractions. During a session, you wear a special suit equipped with electrodes that target specific muscle groups. The controlled electrical pulses mimic the signals your brain sends during exercise, causing your muscles to contract.

EMS workouts for Postpartum Fitness

EMS fitness offers some unique benefits for new moms:

Gentle on your body: Bodybuzz EMS workouts are low-impact, putting minimal stress on your joints and recovering muscles. Low impact, however, does not mean low intensity. Read more about it in this previous blog.

Time-efficient: Sessions take only 20 minutes, making it easy to fit in a session around your busy schedule.

Core strengthening: Pregnancy can weaken your core muscles. Bodybuzz EMS workouts effectively target the deep core muscles, promoting stability and supporting daily activities.

Pelvic floor Support: EMS fitness can be particularly helpful in strengthening your pelvic floor, which can weaken after childbirth and lead to incontinence. Even though there are no electrodes directly on the pelvic floor, the stimulation from the glutes and abs will innervate the same nerves traveling through it. 

  • Indirect stimulation: EMS electrodes are typically placed on the glutes (buttocks), legs, and abdomen. When stimulated, these surrounding muscles create a ripple effect, indirectly activating the pelvic floor muscles to contract as well.
  • Awareness and recruitment: Even without direct contact, EMS helps you become more aware of how to engage your pelvic floor. By focusing on tightening your core during stimulation, you will learn to better recruit and contract these muscles.

EMS workouts are a valuable tool to jumpstart your postpartum fitness journey. However, it’s crucial to prioritize recovery, listen to your body, and get clearance from your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Remember, EMS fitness should complement a well-rounded postpartum routine that includes proper rest and a healthy diet.

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