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The history of EMS fitness is deep-rooted in the world of Olympic training, but it was not the initial intention. Dr. Kots, the USSR researcher who treated Ms. Morozova wanted to treat her injuries but discovered she got stronger in the process. How much stronger did she get? Apparently around 30 to 40% stronger. 

Since then there have been numerous professional athletes that used electro muscle stimulation: Usain Bolt, Mike Tyson, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, and apparently Rafael Nadal, among others.

Professional athletes need to have a leg up on their competition which is why they are willing to experiment with new training methods and technology. 

When it comes to EMS fitness, there are now more research studies that make the decision to use it an easy one.

According to a systematic review by the Institute of Sports Science of the University of Cologne, Germany, there are several factors that establish electro muscle stimulation as an effective tool for athletes:

The review included 89 trials where subjects were healthy, categorized as untrained, trained, and elite athletes, under 35 years old, and used EMS workouts (localized or whole-body). 

The parameters observed were maximal strength, speed strength, power, jumping, and sprinting ability.

The analysis revealed that after a period of three to six weeks, isometric strength increased by 58.8%, dynamic strength increased by 79.5%, and speed strength increased between 37.1% and 41.3%. Power increased by 67%, jumping by 25%, and sprint times decreased by -4.8% in elite athletes. 

These results are impressive, but not impossible to obtain through conventional training. However, the main difference is that all of these improvements were obtained in weeks rather than months, or in the case of a world-class weightlifter, an estimated two years to achieve the same strength increase as realized in 14 weeks with EMS fitness.

The study goes deeper into the various methods of training, settings, and pros and cons of localized EMS vs. whole-body EMS, but concludes that overall EMS fitness is a “promising alternative to traditional strength training for systematically enhancing strength parameters and motor abilities”. 

Improved jumping, sprinting, strength, and power are always going to be top priorities for athletes. However, for optimal sports transfer, it is recommended that athletes also train with dynamic movements without electro-muscle stimulation in order to ensure proper adaptations. 

If you’re an athlete, improving your skills, athletic abilities, and mental focus are all top-of-mind, but there’s an unfortunate B-side to all sports: injuries

When it comes to injuries, most studies and expert blogs tend to focus on how to recover better and faster from them – which is great. Electro muscle stimulation, in particular, can play an important role as a direct treatment, but I want to point out a much more important application here: EMS fitness allows you to continue training at a high level even if injured. 

I’m talking here from personal experience. I’ve had a lingering neck/shoulder injury that I’m able to manage through certain physical therapy exercises. When gyms closed during Covid-19 my injury worsened significantly. I was barely able to raise my arm without pain. Having access to an EMS device, I was able to continue training and noticed I was getting stronger despite not being able to do a single bodyweight push-up. 

EMS fitness is a unique tool in the fitness industry that allows you to train without weights and without needing to work against gravity. The direct stimulation of muscles allows you to maintain and increase strength even if you can’t move that specific joint. 

If you want to get stronger, whether you’re injured or not, you should give EMS fitness a try.

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