Couples Personal Training

Strong Couples Work Out with EMS

Why should couples do EMS fitness? 

To make sure their relationship works out!

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One of the advantages of using Wiemspro EMS equipment, in addition to being wireless, is that it allows us to train more than one person at a time. In fact, we have the technical capability of training up to 12 people at once. In our services, however, we decided to stick to training one person (SOLO) or two people (DUO) per session for a more customized experience. 

There are many benefits to working out with another person. 

Romantic relationship: Research shows that engaging in exciting physical activities as a couple can lead to greater satisfaction and feelings of love in the relationship. Exercise is a prime example of such an activity, as the physiological arousal it causes can drive romantic attraction. This implies that setting a fitness goal together, going for regular runs, dancing, or having a gym date can improve the quality of your romantic relationship.

Performance: Maximize your workout effectiveness by exercising with a partner. According to social psychology, the presence of another person can impact your ability to perform an activity. Even if you are already confident in a specific exercise, bringing your romantic partner along can increase your energy output. Your partner’s presence can improve your speed without you necessarily even being aware of it. However, if you are just starting to learn a new exercise, it’s best to practice alone first. In these cases, your partner’s presence may hinder your ability to complete a challenging task. Once you have mastered the exercise, invite your partner to join you for a performance boost.

Attractiveness: Exercise can cause symptoms of physiological arousal such as sweaty hands, racing pulse, and shortness of breath, which are similar to the excitement of romantic attraction. People may mistakenly attribute these physical sensations to romantic attraction. Take advantage of this by inviting your romantic interest to work out with you, which will likely boost your attractiveness in their eyes.

Fun: It is generally more fun and social having another person next to you. I have a DUO that is constantly cracking jokes at each other. Having fun makes the time go by faster and with an already short 20-minute EMS workout, it will go by in the blink of an eye.

Shared Effort: You get to share the experience and the reward of working out together. All of my DUO clients cheer on each other or high-five each other after an intense exercise. There’s something uniting about going through the same experience.

Accountability: Your trainer holds you accountable, but it also reinforces the accountability between you and your workout partner. Having your partner on board will increase the chances of making healthier choices together. 

Adherence: According to this study, adherence to exercise among couples was stronger than among people exercising alone. Researchers compared walking groups among people walking alone and people walking with their significant other and found that couples walked on average 26 more minutes per week. 

Here are some of our frequently asked questions around our DUO sessions: 

Do we have to be a couple in order to work out together? 

  • No, you can work out with a friend, neighbor, or co-worker, in fact, you don’t even need to know each other, but you do have to be in the same place at the same time.

Do we have to have the same fitness level to work out together? 

  • No. Our SuperSuits are individually powered, and the electrodes for all muscle groups are set to your individual level of comfort. 

What is the price for a DUO session versus a SOLO session? 

  • We have priced our DUO packages at 1.5 x the price of a SOLO session. This means that as a DUO you’ll save 25% on your training while benefiting from all of the above factors. 

My partner and I have very different levels of coordination and balance, will we be able to work out together? 

  • Fear not, we modify the exercises based on everybody’s coordination and balance levels.

My partner is a lot stronger than I am, does it matter? 

  • Nothing to worry about. The stimulation will be adjusted to each individual’s strength level. We usually only use 3 to 5 lbs weights, regardless of strength outside of electrical muscle stimulation. 

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Director of Education and Technology