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The Future of Fitness and WB-EMS

The future of whole-body electrical muscle stimulation (WB-EMS) holds great potential for further advancements and innovations in the fitness industry. As technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate exciting developments that may enhance the effectiveness and user experience of WB-EMS.

EMS Equipment

At the time of writing this blog, I have tried many different EMS suits. I worked with an XBody EMS suit for two years and tried both their wired and wireless versions. I worked with E-Fit EMS suits for half a year. I tried Miha Bodytec’s EMS suit when I went through their certification. I was able to experience a Katalyst workout at a special event in Santa Monica. I’ve tried a couple of Visionbody’s suits, and finally, worked with Wiemspro for the past year. 

Every EMS suit has pros and cons and I strongly believe all manufacturers are likely to refine and optimize their designs, making them more user-friendly, compact, and comfortable to wear. This could lead to increased accessibility and convenience for businesses interested in incorporating WB-EMS into their offerings. Some current improvements include not needing to wet the suits, not needing a cotton base layer or undergarment, and making the suit a one-piece, instead of several assembled parts. 

Software for EMS devices

Every manufacturer provides either an app, a dedicated tablet, or even a custom console to control their EMS suits. This means the company has to be skilled at creating both software AND hardware, which are two unique skill sets. Apple designs both very well, but this is not common among companies. Do you remember Microsoft’s Zune? Or Amazon’s smartphone? Most apps in the App Store are not designed by Apple. 

I believe that at some point companies may decide to focus on one or the either, allowing specialized third parties to design EMS suits or EMS software and improving the overall experience for trainers and clients. 

Opening up equipment compatibility and allowing software companies to design specialized software could really propel the niche EMS industry into a higher gear. We’re also living in a time where AI (artificial intelligence), for better or worse, is spreading into every sector. It’s not impossible to think AI could start leading fitness classes at some point.

Combining EMS with other technologies

We can anticipate advancements in the integration of WB-EMS with other fitness technologies. For example, the combination of WB-EMS with virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) could create immersive training experiences, enhancing motivation and engagement. Imagine wearing a WB-EMS suit while exploring virtual environments or participating in interactive fitness challenges. Such integration could revolutionize the way we approach fitness and make exercise more enjoyable and interactive.

I had the chance to try a VR boxing workout on the PS5. It was fun and it got me sweating. EMS fitness and VR gaming could help many teenagers and adults who don’t enjoy working out have fun by playing games.

Medical research with EMS

Additionally, research and studies on WB-EMS will likely continue to expand, providing us with a deeper understanding of its physiological effects and potential applications. This knowledge can lead to the development of evidence-based protocols and guidelines for optimal WB-EMS usage. As more scientific evidence emerges, WB-EMS may find its place not only in the fitness industry but also in rehabilitation and therapeutic settings. The ability of WB-EMS to target specific muscle groups and induce muscle contractions could make it a valuable tool for individuals recovering from injuries or those with certain medical conditions.

I’m aware of some research getting started with electrical muscle stimulation and Parkinson’s, diabetes, neuropathy, and other diseases and conditions. EMS technology could be incredible for many populations that have difficulty working out. 

Performance research with EMS

Most of the initial research with WB-EMS used college-level and semi-professional athletes. As time went on, more research started coming out on other populations. I’m glad to see EMS research performed on populations that need it the most such as people with injuries, diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia, lower back pain, and so on. However, I think it will be interesting to start seeing more specific EMS protocols related to performance. 

I’ve only seen one study looking at combining electrical muscle stimulation with heavy barbell-loaded squats. In the study, the outcome was that EMS combined with heavy weights was not that much better than using weights alone. The study, however, only focused on the quadriceps muscles, in other words, the main muscle worked during squats. I would be much more interested in studies looking at synergistic effects. For example, using EMS to co-contract the abs and glutes during a squat. I believe these types of studies could yield more interesting results and applications.

The future of WB-EMS looks promising, with anticipated advancements in equipment design, customization, integration with other technologies, and expanding applications. As technology evolves and research continues to uncover its benefits and limitations, WB-EMS may become an even more effective and versatile tool for enhancing fitness, performance, and overall well-being. By staying updated on the latest developments, individuals can make informed decisions about incorporating WB-EMS into their fitness routines and reap the potential benefits of this innovative technology.

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