Top 10 fitness trends and WB-EMS

I recently came across an article from Forbes from April this year that predicted the top 10 trends that will change the fitness industry. You can read the full article following this link, but here’s a short summary of the main topics:

Fitness in the Metaverse: Virtual and augmented reality workouts are becoming more popular, providing immersive fitness experiences. VR and AR workouts are not only engaging but also accessible to people with disabilities or mobility issues. Augmented reality contact lenses are being developed to provide fitness displays during workouts.

IoT-Enabled Fitness Devices: The next generation of wearables, including smartwatches and fitness trackers, will offer advanced features. IoT-enabled health devices are expected to reach a market value of $267 billion by 2023. These devices can collect biometric data to personalize home workouts.

Integration of AI and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning are being integrated into fitness wearables to offer personalized recommendations and feedback, helping users optimize their workouts and achieve fitness goals.

Gamified Fitness: Gamification, using elements like points, badges, and rewards, motivates users in fitness programs and apps. eSports, competitive gaming, is growing in popularity and diversifying into various game genres.

Personalized Fitness: AI-powered fitness apps provide customized workout recommendations based on individual physical levels and health goals. Exercise and wellness genetics are expanding, providing DNA-based fitness recommendations.

Home Fitness: High-quality home fitness equipment with advanced features is on the rise, offering cameras, touch screens, motion sensors, and access to online classes. Gyms and studios are adopting hybrid models for in-person and remote workouts.

Biohacking: Biohacking, aimed at improving health and well-being, continues to gain traction. Nutrigenomics focuses on the interaction between food and individual genes. Some biohackers are using technology implants to enhance fitness.

Holistic Health: Emphasis on emotional and mental health is leading to fitness programs focusing on stress management, mindfulness, and nutrition coaching alongside traditional workouts. Wearables track mental health indicators and provide holistic recommendations.

The Experience Economy: Fitness clubs are shifting to provide unique and memorable customer experiences, offering services and experiences beyond physical products.

Fitness for Older Generations: Virtual and augmented reality and wearables cater to seniors’ fitness needs. Smartwatches and wearables can send fitness and diet information to health providers for better coordination.

Time-Optimized Fitness: Shorter, efficient workouts are gaining popularity. Time-optimized fitness programs include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit training, often incorporating technology for enhanced efficiency.

The Forbes article doesn’t mention WB-EMS, but looking at these topics we can easily see how it is primed for a long-standing future in the fitness industry: 

  • EMS fitness can easily be combined with VR or AR
  • We have the possibility to add heart rate monitors to our suits, but many of our clients simply use their Apple Watch or Fitbit to track their workouts with us. 
  • Gamification of fitness has always been around but typically ends up looking gimmicky. Since we’re an in-person service, we do our best to make sessions fun. 
  • EMS workouts are always personalized and tailored toward our clients’ fitness levels and goals.
  • We are at-home personal training, making it convenient for our clients. We have also partnered with Core Conditioning Physical Therapy in Los Angeles in order to offer a location for those who wish to come to us. 
  • Biohacking: I’ve heard EMS fitness being categorized as “biohacking”. It is a very vague term that at its simplest definition just means finding more efficient ways to improve health. Electrical muscle stimulation training fits this description because of all the obstacles it circumvents to maintain a consistent workout schedule.
  • All of our coaches have specialties, for example, some of us have a pre/postnatal certification, or experience with nutrition coaching, or bodybuilding. This means our personal training sessions go beyond just physical health. Also, all of our sessions include a few minutes of our Recovery Program, which many clients use to close their eyes and breath, or even meditate. 
  • If you’ve never tried electro-muscle stimulation, it can certainly be an experience. In fact, if you’re visiting Los Angeles, you can check us out on
  • Fitness for older populations? EMS fitness is ideal for older people because you don’t need heavy weights, it doesn’t put any stress on the joints, and the stimulation gets you stronger very quickly. 
  • EMS fitness is a 20-minute workout that equates to 90 minutes of weight lifting. There’s nothing in the fitness industry that is more effective than WB-EMS, so your time will be as optimized as it can be.

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Bodybuzz combines Certified Personal Training with Electrical Muscle Stimulation, giving your body a deeper, safer, and more effective workout. 20 minutes twice a week is all it takes!

Our personal trainers will guide you through a custom EMS workout designed specifically for you. Whether you’re looking to build strength, lose weight, get toned, or recover from an injury or illness, we offer a safe, low-impact solution to help get you there.

EMS has now been FDA-cleared for use in the US and we are proud to be one of the first companies to introduce this technology. This full-body workout uses a special muscle stimulating suit that sends low-level impulses to your major muscle groups to trigger muscle contractions. It’s a unique sensation that is painless and invigorating. EMS workouts are designed to achieve optimal conditioning, burn fat, develop strength, build muscle, tighten skin, combat cellulite, jump-start your metabolism, and restore your body’s natural balance.