Benefits of EMS Workouts

Top 5 Benefits of EMS Workouts

Whole-Body Electro Muscle Stimulation has been used in Europe since 2009. It has quickly developed into a new branch of the fitness industry. There are big box gyms, cycling studios, Pilates studios, Yoga studios, CrossFit gyms, and now EMS fitness studios.

In the U.S., the FDA cleared the first EMS devices for fitness use only a few years ago. Throw in a little Covid-19, and any growth of in-person studios was expectedly stunted.

The pandemic seems far from over, and as we learn to live in this new normal, gyms have reopened, and the expansion of EMS studios and services is gaining momentum.

Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why EMS fitness is so effective

  1. Only takes 20 minutes x 2/week

The national recommendation for physical activity for adults is 150 min of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise and 2 or more sessions of resistance training per week where all major muscle groups are engaged. EMS workouts more than cover those two resistance training sessions in just 20 minutes rather than an hour at the gym. Throw in an additional signature Bodybuzz Torch session each week and you’ll cover most of all the physical activity you need for the entire week in less than half the typical time.

  1. Convenience

We come to your house and bring all the necessary equipment, including any light weights we may use. This means you don’t have to leave your house, so you save time, but you also don’t need to invest in any equipment or dedicate any space for working out.

  1. Joint-Friendly

Our EMS SuperSuit has electrodes for all the major muscle groups. You perform exercises to engage your muscles while allowing the stimulation to enhance and amplify the contractions. This means that you don’t need to move through a full range of motion as long as you’re contracting your muscles. This is a great benefit if you have an injury or are afraid of getting injured. The risk of injury is further reduced because we use only light weights and stress balls.

  1. Low-Impact

EMS workouts are very accessible. Our SuperSuit allows you to do push-ups while standing upright without the need to get down on the floor and work against gravity. Your chest, arms, and shoulders are still getting stimulated and therefore getting stronger.

  1. Intensity

Although EMS workouts are joint-friendly and low-impact, they can be as intense as you desire. Even if you’re a seasoned professional athlete, you can still be as challenged as you want. This is how modern EMS fitness originally started, training Olympic athletes. Here’s Usain Bolt doing some core work with EMS.

EMS fitness presents other benefits, such as alleviating aches and pains while increasing strength faster than with conventional resistance training. Bodybuzz also has specific programs which can reduce muscular pain, just like the TENS units which are used in physical therapy.

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Bodybuzz combines Certified Personal Training with Electrical Muscle Stimulation, giving your body a deeper, safer, and more effective workout. 20 minutes twice a week is all it takes!

Our personal trainers will guide you through a custom EMS workout designed specifically for you. Whether you’re looking to build strength, lose weight, get toned, or recover from an injury or illness, we offer a safe, low-impact solution to help get you there.

EMS has now been FDA-cleared for use in the US and we are proud to be one of the first companies to introduce this technology. It is a full-body workout that uses a special muscle stimulating suit that sends low-level impulses to your major muscle groups to trigger muscle contractions. It’s a unique sensation that is painless and invigorating. EMS workouts are designed to achieve optimal conditioning, burn fat, develop strength, build muscle, tighten skin, combat cellulite, jump-start your metabolism and restore your body’s natural balance.